Guadalupe River

The Environment

As all of Texas is experiencing hotter summers and colder winters we need to protect the natural beauty within the Hill Country. This includes expanding and funding clean jobs in Texas, supporting Climate Change legislation in Congress, working to increase clean agriculture science, as well as promoting clean energy within households.

We are lucky enough to grow up with the Hill Country right outside our doorstep. But with increased natural disasters, a rapidly warming and cooling climate – our children and grandchildren might not be able to experience it the same way. We must fight to protect the nature around us, if not for ourselves then for our future generations.

Cannabis in jar with scale for sale


Coy believes it is past time we legalized and decriminalized marijuana. The health benefits to those suffering from long care diseases, PTSD, or any injuries are well-proven in science. Coy also knows the racial impacts within the justice system in regards to possession charges, which legalizing and decriminalizing can work against.

Coy will fight to make sure that Marijuana taxes go into community programs within the state. This includes funding childcare services, housing support, centers for domestic violence and substance abuse, and community sports programs. Coy will ensure that this tax is properly redistributed down to our local communities.

Children in school in front of teacher


Texas is ranked 29th in the nation when it comes to education. As the second largest state in the country, this is unacceptable. Coy will work to properly acquire government funding to increase our school programs as well as increase teacher pay. Our teachers and children should not and will not get left behind.

Coy also strongly believes that we need to expand funding to TRADE and specialized schooling. Through these concentrated programs, many students are able to get well-paying and union jobs, while also contributing to our economy. Bringing jobs back to Texas, includes increasing our specialized job force.