Coy is a proud Texan, who cares deeply about providing for the people of TX-21. He knows that the people of TX-21 deserve far more than Chip Roy and his mediocre leadership. We deserve a representative who listens and advocates for the needs of the people, not just those with lined pockets.

Meet Coy Branscum

Coy was born in Dallas and grew up in Dripping Springs. He grew up in a tight knit working class family. Throughout his childhood, Coy discovered a very fond passion for theatre and the arts, where he honed his communication skills and strengthened his confidence. His career in theatre led him around the country and he quickly noticed a lack of representation and care for folks in their communities. Coy understood his skillset could be best used helping those around him. He is now earning a masters in Social Work and wants to use this knowledge to benefit his community.

Coy is running because he knows the people of his community deserve a representative that fights for them. He is tired of seeing uninspired politicians use their platforms for divisive and hateful rhetoric, while providing nothing for their constituents. Coy thinks it’s well past time for millennials to be better represented in Congress. Texas is one of the youngest states in the country, yet our representatives are some of the oldest. This needs to change.

Coy is ready to take his people skills, his social work knowledge, and his empathy to Congress. Together, we can put behind the days of mediocre leadership. And together we can finally Turn Texas Blue.

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Coy walking his dog along a path in a forest

The Environment

As Texas experiences hotter summers and colder winters, we need to protect the natural beauty within the Hill Country. This includes expanding clean jobs, supporting climate change legislation, increasing clean agriculture science, and promoting clean energy in households.



It is past time we legalized and decriminalized marijuana. The health benefits are well-proven in science. Marijuana taxes would help fund community programs such as childcare services, housing support, centers for domestic violence and substance abuse, and local sports programs.



Texas is ranked 29th in the nation when it comes to education. Coy will work to properly acquire government funding to increase school programs and teacher pay. We also need to expand funding to TRADE and specialized schooling. Bringing jobs to Texas includes increasing our specialized job force.

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