Coy Branscum | Candidate for Congress, TX-21


Meet Coy

Coy Branscum is a native Texan who cares deeply about providing for the residents of TX-21. He is currently earning a masters in Social Work at Texas State University and plans to use his passion to benefit his community. Coy is running because he believes the residents of TX-21 deserve more than Chip Roy. We deserve a representative who listens and advocates for the needs of the people, not just those with lined pockets.

The Issues

Environmental Protections

From the Frio River to Enchanted Rock, our district is saturated in the natural beauty the Hill Country has to offer. Not only that, many in the community rely on that beauty who earn their living on tourism. If we allow the climate crisis to continue, not only will we lose a valuable source of income, but we will lose our homes. As your representative I will work endlessly to pass bold legislation that will ensure environmental protections aimed at supporting rural communities in the fight against climate change.

Expanding Education

There is nothing standard about the way we learn, so why is district funding based on standardized testing? What's more, why is funding given to schools with higher scores, instead of providing support to underperforming schools? It makes no sense. That's why I support the formation of a nonpartisan committee of education professionals to review the current structure of our education system. As a former educator, I have seen the support systems already in place for neurodivergent students and, simply put, they're not good enough. Our school system reduces childrens' needs to generic forms with boxes to check, when they need so much more. We need -- we deserve -- an education system that is as robust and dynamic as the populations it serves.


Whether it's Colorado or Massachusetts, Illinois or California, we have seen over and over the success of legalizing and decriminalizing Marijuana. Our politicians cry about securing the border with a wall, but walls don't work. Legalizing Marijuana stops drug trafficking in it's steps and allows that revenue to flow back into our communities while also making them safer. Marijuana requires less water than most other crops, making it an excellent option for farmers in our drought-prone state. Simply legalizing isn't enough, we must also expunge the records of all minor drug offenders and free those currently incarcerated for minor drug charges.